130-200m² Double Classrooms

Double classrooms are perfect for providing large, standalone learning spaces or to accommodate multiple classrooms in one building. Taking their contemporary design cues from other modular eco-classrooms we produce, double classrooms expand upon this concept and allow schools to cater for a number of functions and uses. Their modular format allows for bespoke design elements which can be expanded upon in the future and means they can be assembled with little disruption to the surrounding school. Modular eco-classrooms are also built to be economical and ecological, costing much less than standard brick and mortar buildings as well as being far more energy efficient.
All our modular eco-classrooms come with the following features included in their price:
  • Planning permission
  • Design and architecture
  • Ground preparation
  • Foundations
  • Construction
  • Flooring
  • Water and electricity
  • Any bathrooms and washrooms
  • Plastering, painting and decorating

Case Study: Waterwells Primary Academy

Waterwells Primary Academy were waiting for a new school to be built and needed extra classrooms to accommodate the increasing capacity of their school. When they contacted TG Escapes, Waterwells Primary Academy asked for a large building which could host multiple classrooms and fit into the existing school environment. Taking on the project, TG Escapes created a large, double classroom right next to existing school, using a design which complemented the existing structures surrounding it. The eco-classroom was built using our modular method and with as little hassle to the everyday running of the school as possible, providing Waterwells Primary Academy with the additional classrooms they needed in a short space of time. Built in 2016 for £247 net.

“A very nice space to learn in.”

Nik Marshall

Site Manager, Waterwells Primary Academy

“It’s such a calming environment and I have noticed that the students are much calmer and more engaged.”

Marie Nicastro

Music Teacher, Cambian Pengwern College

“A smooth operation from start to finish, with expert advice on hand at all times.”

Lindsey Moran

Bursar, Willows Primary

Uses and Functions

130-200m² Double Classrooms can either be used as a single, large space with removable partitions or as a permanent pair of standard size classrooms. Their large size also means that they can be sub divided further into smaller areas like cloakrooms, toilets and storage space.
130-200m² Double Classrooms can be used as:
  • Standard to small classroom sizes
  • Libraries
  • Science rooms
  • Outdoor classrooms
  • Music rooms
  • Art and drama studios
  • Assembly halls