300-400m² Self Contained Nursery

For schools that are struggling to provide space for their infant years or are simply looking for a dedicated building to provide their school with a nursery, our self contained nurseries offer the perfect solution. TG Escapes’ modular eco-classrooms are quick to build, energy efficient and incredibly adaptable. Our modular buildings are designed to complement their environment and involve the client in their construction from the beginning meaning you can create your own, ideal nursery from scratch with all additional extras and extensions fitted for your needs. Light and airy, made from sustainable materials and built with visual aesthetics in mind, modular self contained nurseries are a far more durable and eco-friendly alternative to most temporary structures, and a more cost effective and energy efficient means of providing a new space than investing in a traditional brick and mortar building.
All our modular eco-classrooms come with the following features included in their price:
  • Planning permission
  • Design and architecture
  • Ground preparation
  • Foundations
  • Construction
  • Flooring
  • Water and electricity
  • Any bathrooms and washrooms
  • Plastering, painting and decorating

Case Study: Bickley Park School

Bickley Park School in Bromley were looking to expand the facilities for their school as their intake of pre-prep age children saw a significant rise. Rather than relying on existing buildings or opting for a temporary solution, the school commissioned TG Escapes to provide them with a dedicated early years building. The School wanted a building which was light, airy and eco-friendly, as well as a project which would cause little disruption to the everyday running of the school and fit well into a natural environment. The self contained nursery TG Escapes designed for the school met all these criteria and its modern structure was outfitted with many of the latest eco-friendly options including a sedum roof, sun pipes and solar panels. The nursery now stands as an example of the school’s vision for its pupils, lending inspiration and the calm of the natural environment to its pupils as well as providing ample space for their growing intake of pre-prep age children. Built in 2015 for £350k net.

“Both children and staff love learning and working in the building due to the amount of natural light and space. Free flow access to a covered deck is a huge advantage so that outdoor learning can take place in all weathers.”

Sam Patel

Director of School Development, Bickley Park School

“This building has a real ‘Wow factor’ that lifts the whole school. I am over the moon with the final result.  It is a great building and we are incredibly proud of it.”

Lisa Morriston

Bursar, St Francis Little Saints Nursery

“From concept to completion everyone has been very helpful and a pleasure to work with.”

Bev Stearn

Business Manager, Herne C E Infant and Nursery School

Uses and Features

Self contained nurseries are large, light and eco-friendly buildings which can be subdivided into several rooms or made into a large open space for children to play and learn within. They provide the perfect environment for young children, combing natural features and outside spaces for playing, and present the ideal solution to nurseries and schools looking to expand. Our self contained nurseries can also be fitted with substantial eco-friendly features including solar panels, sun pipes, sedum roofs and wind turbines, lowering the cost of the building’s energy consumption as well as educating children about the importance of protecting the environment for the future.