400-800m² Multi Purpose Blocks

One of the largest formats of modular eco-classroom we construct, our 400-800m² multi purpose blocks are an ideal solution to any expanding school, providing a cost-effective, energy efficient and durable building which can accommodate several classrooms and functions.

TG Escapes’ modular eco-classrooms are quick to build and incredibly adaptable. These features are exemplified by our multi purpose blocks which can be configured in any shape or size for your needs as well as providing a contemporary and aesthetically pleasing centerpiece for your school.

Our modular buildings are designed to complement their environment and are much more cost effective and energy efficient than most traditional brick and mortar buildings. Their modular nature also means they cause little disruption during construction to their surroundings and can be expanded or adapted to in the future with ease.

All our modular eco-classrooms come with the following features included in their price:
  • Planning permission
  • Design and architecture
  • Ground preparation
  • Foundations
  • Construction
  • Flooring
  • Water and electricity
  • Any bathrooms and washrooms
  • Plastering, painting and decorating

Case Study: Shotton Hall Academy

As an expanding academy in the north east of England, Shotton Hall were looking to add to their existing facilities and introduce a teacher training programme on site. However, the school needed much more space in order to so and for this reason they contacted TG Escapes. Looking for a low cost, energy efficient alternative to a traditional building, Shotton Hall Academy commissioned a multi purpose block with four classrooms and a large conference room to provide extra space for their growing number of pupils and the new teacher training office. Due to the site upon which the academy was built, it was particularly important for Shotton Hall that their new building had light foundations, yet be a permanent facility within their building complex. TG Escapes multi purpose block delivered the ideal solution for the academy, providing a large contemporary building which would not harm the environment and provide inspiration for pupils and teachers in training alike. It’s unique design has been highly accredited by the staff and pupils at the school for its natural appearance and its large classrooms which are filled with natural light and views of the outdoor environment. Built in 2015 for £620k net.

“You are in effect getting a permanent building for half the cost of bricks and mortar. We were intrigued by TG Escapes’ different approach to learning environments and after visiting their other projects we were blown away.”

Lee Alexander

Head of Finance, Shotton Hall Academy

“Our pupils feel valued and like the roominess and light”

David Duncan

Headteacher, Rossendale School

“The buildings blend into the surroundings and are well used and loved by the pupils and staff alike.”

Michael Westwick

Facilities Manager , Temple Sutton Primary School

Uses and Functions

Due to their size, our multi purpose blocks can be used for a number of different functions within the school environment. They can provide an expansion to existing areas of the school or create dedicated blocks for specific needs as well as incorporating many different functions together including classroom space and many other utilities.
Our multi purpose blocks can be used as:
  • Canteens
  • Multiple classrooms
  • Assembly halls
  • Common rooms
  • Libraries
  • Staff rooms
  • Art blocks
  • Music blocks
  • Drama studios