60-130m² Classrooms

The ideal size range for a standard classroom, our 60-130m² modular-eco classrooms can serve as both standalone buildings or can be connected by canopy to existing buildings on site.

Built from sustainable materials, designed to eco-friendly and efficient, our classrooms are an inexpensive and incredibly quick to build and cause little to no disruption to the school environment around them during construction. Their modular nature means they are highly adaptable and can be expanded upon at any point in the future. We can include full plumbing and extras such as solar panels and sedum roofs.

All our modular eco-classrooms come with the following features included in their price:
  • Planning permission
  • Design and architecture
  • Ground preparation
  • Foundations
  • Construction
  • Flooring
  • Water and electricity
  • Any bathrooms and washrooms
  • Plastering, painting and decorating

Case Study: St Peter’s C E Infant School

A Church of England infant school in Oxen, St Peter’s was expanding to become a fully fledged primary school and desperately needed an additional classroom to accommodate the large increase of pupils this entailed. Looking for a top quality, eco-friendly solution to their requirements, St Peter’s contacted TG Escapes and asked us to build a medium range, modular classroom for their new pupils. Using sustainable materials and large, panelled windows we created a classroom which was both economical and contemporary, fitting seamlessly into the existing school grounds and providing a light and spacious place to inspire children’s learning. Built in 2017 for £188k net.

“A wonderful learning space.”

Sam King

Headteacher, St Peter's C E Infant School

“All the workmen were friendly and helpful and worked really hard to get the work done on time and to a high standard.”

Ms. Barnett

School Business Manager, Mickleton Primary School

“It gives the children exciting learning opportunities in a different space which connects with the outdoors.”

Briony Jones

Headteacher, West Park Primary School

Uses and Functions

As an ideal size for a standard classroom, 60-130m² modular eco-classrooms can be used for a variety of lessons and departments within the school, being able to be fitted with appropriate plumbing and electrics as needed. These classrooms can also be used to serve many other functions within the school.
60-130m² classrooms can also be used as:
  • Staffrooms
  • Changing rooms
  • Libraries
  • Science rooms
  • Outdoor classrooms
  • Music rooms
  • Art and drama studios