SEN Classrooms

Special Education Needs Classrooms designed to help pupils thrive

We believe that SEN classrooms provide the perfect learning environment for children with special educational needs. Our bespoke solutions are designed with your input, so we can guarantee that your bright, friendly and contemporary building will perfectly suit the needs of your students.

All of our buildings are designed to boost light, provide an eco-friendly environment and ensure there’s never any overcrowding. We also insulate all of our SEN classrooms to the highest possible standard and pack them with the latest technology to create an educational space that children love to use.

What is an SEN Classroom?

An SEN classroom is built to suit the needs of children who have special educational needs and might struggle in a wider school setting as a result. On some days, it needs to be a quiet and empathetic space where children can calmly interact without becoming over-stimulated, while on other days it needs to be a primary learning base for any pupil with educational needs.

As our SEN classrooms are self-contained buildings that standalone from the rest of the school environment, and can be used independently. This allows these children to have a home in the school where they feel comfortable and secure. Due to their familiarity with the space, children often settle in these spaces far easier than they do in the main school building and also find it easier to learn.

In dedicated special needs settings, these classrooms can provide breakout spaces, treatment rooms, performance studios, accommodation and activity centres.

Inclusive Design


Our self-contained buildings can be designed to incorporate any features you require, and the inclusive design means no child is ever left behind.

Standalone building


Each SEN classroom we create is a standalone building. This means that not only do children with special needs have their own space, but you also don’t need to disrupt the main school building during construction.



Each of our buildings is easily accessible and designed with the appropriate access for your pupils needs.



During the planning stage, we’ll work closely with you to understand your specific requirements and ensure we include all the features you need, such as breakout areas and sensory facilities.

Minimal Disruption

Each of our standalone buildings can be built without disrupting the main school building and causing any disruption. Each classroom is also low impact, low maintenance and comes with complete safety manifestation and regulation compliance. As an added bonus, thanks to our all-inclusive turnkey designs, you can start learning as soon as we’ve finished the build.

Natural Spaces

Using natural materials, providing natural light and easy access to the outdoors brings a number of benefits. Studies have shown that students in timber classrooms have lower heart rates than those in traditional classrooms. Views of and access to nature enhance personal development and educational outcomes. *

 *sources: Heschong Mahone Group 21,000 students – High school landscapes and student performance. Matsuoka, R. H. (2008). University of Michigan – “SOS” – School Without Stress Study by Weitzer Parkett UK – Sigman, A. (2007) Agricultural Literacy: Giving concrete children food for thought


Why Choose Modular Classrooms for your SEN Classroom?


When you choose a Modular Classrooms from TG Escapes for your project, you can relax and feel safe in the knowledge that you’re dealing with a company that specialises in building SEN classrooms. We understand both the day-to-day demands of these spaces and always ensure that, no matter what challenges a child faces, they can get the most out of an engaging, stimulating and accommodating learning environment.

As well as being a Green Apple Award winner, we’re also a Constructionline Gold Member and we’re Incensu registered. All of these awards and registrations show that you’re dealing with a company that you know and can trust.

But, you don’t have to take our word for it. Take a look at what our customers have to say about working with us by viewing our case studies. Similarly, we always like to be upfront with our customers. This is why you can take a look at some of our example prices and see how much your building may cost.

If you’d like to learn more about how we can help you or you’re interested in getting a quote for an SEN classroom, then please contact us today. .

Watch our webinar from the 2020 Festival of Learning spaces where we explain more about our buildings, ethos and what matters when designing education spaces for special needs pupils. Featuring Kiran Hingorani, CEO of Swalcliffe Park School for Boys with Autism, Jayne Wilson, CEO of the Petty Pool Trust and Matthew Ellis, National Facilities Manager at Acorn Care and Education.