Tree Planting For Schools

Modular Classrooms partner with EcoMatcher to run a tree planting scheme for all our new customers.

Modular Classrooms are now working with EcoMatcher who themselves are working with diligently selected tree planting organisations. EcoMatcher have selected organisations operating in five locations where deforestation has caused serious issues for the local communities.

The effect of deforestation in these areas has had a serious impact worldwide which is well documented within the news. However, what is less well known about the deforestation is the local impact that it can have on communities left behind. When loggers leave an area, after wide scale deforestation, the locals are left with an array of life damaging issues such as: having to grow crops in land depleted by soil erosion, with a degraded water table and frequently difficult localised weather conditions. Often these issues are compounded with having to compete with indigenous tribes of the forest who have been forced out due to deforestation as well.

Here at Modular Classrooms we will be gifting trees in Uganda, where deforestation has been particularly rampant and recent.

The local partner in Uganda is an NGO called TAU (Tree Adoption Uganda), a youth-centric operation focused on landscape restoration. Established in 2012 by Charles Batte a 27 year old founder. TAU works to assuage the environmental impact of deforestation while at the same time alleviating poverty in local communities and promoting economic growth for the youth in the local community. They can already boast the impressive stat of having trained 2500 young people in environmental conservation. This practically means they are now skilled in all aspects of tree planting such as grafting, propagating and pruning whilst also overseeing interactions with humans and nature. And they are all ready to plant and develop their own piece of forest.

That’s where we come in. For every school that receives a free proposal for one of our modular classrooms, we will fund the planting of 10 trees which will then be gifted to the school. Not only this but alongside the trees we will send you a Tree Pack with lesson plans, acorns to plant, badges and posters to help educate the kids on sustainability.

On top of this each finished classroom, we will pay for TAU to plant a mini ‘forest’ of between 200 and 1000 trees (which will depend on the size of the school) which will once more be gifted. Our first period of planting will total 8000 trees. Every tree that is planted under the EcoMatcher scheme is recorded by an app. The app logs the location and date of planting and includes a photograph of both the tree and the farmer looking after the tree. As soon as your school has become the guardians of some trees, the students will have the opportunity to virtually travel to trees using Treetracker, an app and web application utilising amazing satellite maps. With this the children will be able to see the trees and even ‘chat’ with them!
Our three big aims for our tree planting project are as follows:
  1. To engage students in the challenges facing the planet and increase their awareness of the need for sustainable living
  2. Help support schools in their Rights Respecting Schoolsagenda by supporting farmers and their families in Uganda
  3. Offset a proportion of the schools’ carbon emissions – each tree will absorb 250Kg of CO2 over its lifetime.
Everyone needs some hope, and we hope that our exciting project will provide excitement for your students around real world issues while also helping all those living in the communities set to benefit from the trees.